05 November 2016

wanderlust, restless

  • Reminded by Suzy's recent adventures in San Diego, I'm craving the grounding that comes from the sound of waves and the smell of salty air.
The heart tugs are strong. My California roots are betraying these southern adaptations. I don't belong in 85-degree November weather! I belong near the ocean, in moderate temperature. In the process of applying for California State Licensure. Just to have on hand... thanks to networking I have job connections in CA now. Just in case?
I'm sure my heartstrings will calm once a cold front comes through. Not that I've been craving change or anything...
At any rate, I'm at least due for a vacation.
  • Wine Fest didn't happen tonight, so I wound up, again, standing in my kitchen trying to figure out how to not hate it.
In reality, I'm going to have to deal with the honey oak cabinets. A massive renovation is not going to happen any time soon. With the right styling I could live with it. Trying to be happy in the now, instead of pining for better days that my never come.
So I repaired some of the broken cabinet doors and drawers, cleaned them up really well, and applied another layer of clearcoat. New knobs to spruce things up a bit.
Also, I think I've finally decided to order a new oven. Home Depot has them on sale and this one has good reviews. Where will I store my cookbooks once the non-functional microwave is gone?? First world problems are abundant over here.
  •  Started a bullet journal. So far, I like it. As a result, my doodling skills have massively improved.

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