25 November 2016

Product love

Dude, I'm popping in just to tell everyone how much I LOVE these Simple face wipes. I started using the Simple products back when my face decided to become one big rash, and I love them so much I haven't stopped.

I use the Day/Night cream on my face and decolletage. Now I'm raving about these things:
I knowwww you're supposed to wash your face every night. I know that. But while I ALWAYS brush my teeth before bed, I don't always wash my face. Especially if I've been drinking. Especially if I don't have work the next day and a shower can wait until morning.
And I've been getting mascara on my pillowcase and I've been breaking out. (Mostly due to hormones, but not washing my face isn't helping.) So I bought these wipes to try and I'm really surprised at how much I love them.

I simply wipe. And they even take off most of my eye makeup. No irritation, no rinsing.
Then when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels great. If you can believe it, my skin almost feels better than if I had showered and washed my face. My skin tone looks a bit more evened out, and any acne I currently had seems better. Because of that, I might try switching to a Simple cleanser.

Anyway, these are my new favorite thing, and I had to share. Try them.

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