02 April 2017

bad adult

Things have been so crazy lately that I forgot it was the beginning of the month and completely spaced on paying bills. I woke up at 5am to pee and something must have triggered in my brain the fact that I didn't pay the mortgage. The MORTGAGE. Ugh! I logged in on my phone and transferred the money while laying in bed.

I usually pay bills a week ahead because I'm extra anal about paying bills on time. But last week was madness and I spent several 12-hour days at a new install. This must be the first time I've ever paid a bill late. Two bills, actually.

The mortgage I think has a grace period before any late fees are charged, but I'm pretty sure Comcast will be its usual dicky self and charge a late fee. For paying like 5 hours late. Which I will fight. I'm hoping my on-time-paying customer status over the last few years will be enough to waive it.

Hopefully because the 1st fell on a weekend things will roll over to the next business day and I'll be ok. How do these things usually work?? I do not need one more thing on my plate. Merrrp, man.

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