20 April 2017


I promise I'm still around. I've had tons of neat things happen, but not much time to record them in blog form. (Instagram is SO much faster...)

I fully expected to have so much time to do all the things, but alas, not the case.

New job is still dreamy and awesome, even with a few 10-hour days sprinkled in. They say it takes about a year to get comfortable in this role, and I see why. Also I plan to take full advantage of that assumption and soak up as much information as I can before I'm saddled with responsibility.

Altogether, things are shaping up to be about how they should. Like they usually do.

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Drew said...

Gah- you have to give me warning when you change the name of your blog. Something about it screws with my reader so it doesn't pop up for me any more. At least I think that's what happens? All I know is that for months I've been randomly thinking to myself "gee, Jacobi hasn't blogged in quite a while." But of course, I never actually think this at a time when I could look it up to double check. But tonight, I sat down to do my self care task of the week (a new goal I have set) and when I went to write on my blog as my task I thought to go and check on yours. So instead my self care for the evening was spending an hour catching up. I quite enjoyed binge reading your life. CONGRATS on the new job. I'm thrilled for you!