30 April 2017

sunday morning musings

Up early on a Sunday that I fully intended to spend sleeping as late as possible. However, upper respiratory issues are on the attack again. I've been fighting these swollen sinuses/ adenoids no doubt triggered by whatever allergens are floating through the air this time of year. I am thankful that at least now, some preventative care means it's not as bad as it has been in the past.

Today I hand my car keys over to my sister so she can take it for an extended test drive.
Her car, "Charlie," is literally falling apart and I happen to have a car sitting in my garage that I'm not driving. Because I've been driving the company car, selling my car will soon become a practical option.
Whether or not Suzy actually buys it, it's bittersweet for both of us. We become way too attached to our vehicles around here. I fully appreciate this car-incidence and tip my hat to the universe, for I bought that cute red car exactly 6 years ago to the day.

Supposed to be attempting the Whole30 food phenomenon starting tomorrow, but I'm not digging any of the "approved" breakfast options. Y'all know I love my breakfast and after trying chia pudding, I'm not convinced it's actual food. On the other hand, I doubt my cholesterol levels would thank me after 30 days of ham and eggs. Either way, I predict a loose interpretation of the rules... at least for breakfast. Until we meet again, peanut butter toast.

Been trying to focus on positive affirmations. Always been a firm believer in the 'mind over matter' mantra, and starting the day with a positive thought can't be bad. I dig the potential of the good thoughts rattling around in my head pushing the doubts away. Coming up with my own positive thoughts is a struggle some days... good thing Pinterest is full of them! Let's go with this one today:

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Anonymous said...

Lmao @chia pudding not being actual food