14 June 2015


I figured out how to blog on my phone.

This weekend I finally felt human again. Things have been so stressful that I felt like I was moving through the motions of my own life without paying any attention.

For the longest time I've felt too tired and worn out to do anything but relax in my free time. For the first time in a long time I've felt the urge to reach out to people. To do things instead of curl up and sleep.

"Her passing made all of us better people."
Those words towards the end of Alana's funeral stuck with me. Because maybe that's where this is coming from-- my motivation to make life about a bit more than it has been. To say yes a bit more and enjoy more things.

Anyway. We saw about 3/4 of Jurassic World before a fire at the movie theater forced us to evacuate. It was at a really intense part of the movie, too!

More rain and flooding is expected next week. Here's hoping it blows over better than the last batch of storms. Something tells me this year will be the year we get the big hurricane we've been due for in the past few years. Of course this year I'm a homeowner so it's a bit more scary to think about. We've been slowly making disaster preparations so we won't have to scramble in the event of a catastrophe, but can you ever really be prepared?

Anyway. Time to get stuff ready for work tomorrow. Even my renewed appreciation for life can't erase that Sunday night dread!

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