27 June 2015

pillow power!

I love pillow covers. Especially on the couch pillows, because of one very important reason: They're WASHABLE. Protected from hubby's drool after a particularly restful nap, snacks on the couch, cat hair/barf, visiting toddler chocolate fingers, wine spills, or whatever happens to land on them. Decorative pillows are not typically washable and that has always grossed me out. Another perk? Decorative pillows are not EVEN cheap, man. Making new covers is way cheaper than buying new pillows when I feel like a change.

That being said, I've been itching to change out those covers for a while.

The old pillows matched the kitchen curtains, simply because I had enough fabric left over after making curtains. It's not bad, I'm just over it and ready for something new.

Curtains = Pillows

How BARE does the house look in this pic? That was 1 year ago. We've totally filled it full of junk since then.

So tonight I draggged Chris through the fabric aisles at Hobby Lobby and picked out a few new fabrics and demanded that he form an opinion about them. I (we?) picked out a punchy floral, a mint and gold chevron, and a grey chevron-ish pattern. Can't get away from that chevron, can we?

I used this tutorial for making pillow covers and I love it. I always have to check the tutorial to refresh my memory every time I make one, so I've even printed it out in case the website is ever taken down.

In about an hour, I'd covered every random pillow I could hunt down and put them on the couch. It seems I had gathered a mismatched pillow misfit club.

Anyway, now the misfit pillows get semi-coordinated new life! I love crappy night-time lighting and cell phone pictures, don't you?

Also, I'm a real person with a shade-less lamp on the random table behind the couch, beer bottles and my husband's shorts [for some inexplicable reason] on the coffee table, and so much more... FOCUS on the pillows.

I love them. It's amazing how something so small can make such a difference. I also kinda want to add a pop of orange. Back to the store?

In closing,

1. I really think a slipcover for the blue plaid loveseat or a new paint job on the macaroni and cheese bookshelf needs to happen.
2. I kinda want new kitchen curtains now.

When you give
a mouse a cookie  a girl a project...

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Ashley Bennett said...

There's no need to re paint the macaroni and cheese bookshelf. There. It's settled. Also. You made me a lamp once; you cant stick a shade on the lonely lamp stick in the corner?