16 June 2015

weight, again.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that my pants weren't fitting anymore because food is delicious again? AND how I was going to start working out and I actually did for like a week but then my dad visited and chris broke his wrist and life got all discombobulated?

Well, after weeks of squeezing myself into slightly too-tight pants and feeling uncomfortable all the time, I finally had it. I was picking out clothes for work and started trying on pants to pick the least uncomfortable pair when it hit me how ridiculous that was. Especially when I have several pairs one size up sitting on the shelf. Nice ones, too, handed down from Julie last summer that I'm so glad I took even though they didn't fit at the time. Because I tried them on and angels started singing and they were a tiny bit too loose but SO much more comfortable.

My whole plan to keep my weight in check all these years was to always start working out and eat healthier when my clothes got too tight. Simple and effective.
Technically, yes, I'm violating my own terms. But I think after swapping a size zero for a size two I'll be just fine. Besides, my bras are fitting better so that means my boobs got bigger and that's pretty great!

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Drew said...

In college, a roommate commented on how big my boobs were, and it made me realize maybe I should go in for a fitting. Turns out, I was 2 sizes bigger than what I was wearing. Because I had been buying the same size SINCE I FIRST GOT A BRA. How dumb is that? You'd think since then I'd have realized that the body is dynamic and freaking changes, man. Not even just weight gain, but also because of different life stages. But I always forget. Just in the last year I finally realized I ought to go up a size in underwear bottoms. Hips. They get bigger! Who knew?