24 October 2015

rainy day

The plumber was right on time.

The doorbell rang, I jumped out of bed half-asleep and remembered to grab a tshirt and some shorts. Opened the door and EEE OOOOH EEEEE OOOOH. Oops, forgot to turn off the alarm. Hang on.

Through the house, out the back door, "Hey guy, watch out there might be poop." Duck under the overgrown (and moldy-- eew I had no idea plants could mold?) bushes to the back side of the house.

I said to the guy, "Here's the problem. We tried to fix it. Sorry about that."

Guy ran to get parts and came back just in time for it to start raining. Fortunately 30 minutes and $160 later, he was soaked, it was fixed, and we had water again! Yay!

Did I mention the stop/street sign out on the corner rusted through and fell down? Our corner of the neighborhood is looking pretty classy right now. Remind me to call the city on Monday.

Did the grocery shopping for the week, returned Chris's dad's truck, grabbed lunch at the local bbq place, and now I'm ready to hunker down on the couch and watch ParaNorman.

It can go ahead and rain now.

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