27 October 2015

Awkward thing

You know what's awkward?

Today I was driving home. Tootin through the neighborhood like normal.

There was a lady jogging on the sidewalk. No big deal. Except as I approached my driveway... so did she.

She was at a distance where I had to make a choice. Either pull into my driveway before she got to it, or wait for her to cross the driveway and then pull in.

Rather than cut her off and screech into the driveway right in front of her (haha could you imagine??), I chose to pull over at the curb and idle while she passed.

It was only a wait of about 5 seconds, but time seemed to slowww down. Of course, she looked over her shoulder to see who was creeping behind her, and all I could do was give her the wave. Which I'm not sure she saw.

Too bad I didn't have "Eye of the Tiger" ready to blast.

Then I waited an additional appropriate amount of time so she could cross the driveway before I pulled in, so she didn't think I was being rude or impatient.

And she looked behind her shoulder again as she jogged away. I felt like such an awkward creeper. I should have driven around the block to avoid the whole situation haha.

Only I over think these random ass scenarios.

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