23 October 2015

no water

because this house is cursed and when a simple leak should be a simple fix, but it's not, you end up having to turn all the water to the house off or else let the equivalent of the hose run all night. I'm (sub)consciously not drinking water because the darn toilets don't flush right now and ew. I'm also glad I figured out the hand sanitizer stinky armpit solution because a shower won't happen tonight.

Home ownership bites sometimes.

This is soo ironic because the strongest hurricane ever is literally over Mexico right now and our forecast includes tons of rain and flash floods. Water, water everywhere-- except for out of our faucets.

The neighborhood plumber (thanks, neighborhood facebook page!) should be coming by tomorrow morning to fix our fix, and I'm hoping it won't cost too much. But it probably will because plumbers are expensive.

Oh also today was madness, especially in the morning when it was crazy hectic and everybody needed blood and then a tube exploded, just vaporized, in the cell washer. The noise was actually cool- only a noise that exploding glass tube could make. Aerosol-ed glass and blood. It sure was fun to clean up.

Le sigh. It could be worse. I should count my blessings, and I am. But I'm going to bitch about things too.

Also, after a glass of wine I probably won't care so much!

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