13 February 2016


It doesn't make sense how I can have so much of my shit together, yet this one piece of the puzzle has gotten a little warped.

Life can be hard, and relationships can take work. They ebb and flow along with everything else. It's simple, though; ebb and flow along with it.

Sometimes sitting back and waiting for things to adjust themselves won't work. Sometimes they'll tilt even more out of whack, out of control, unless you acknowledge problems and make adjustments to correct them.

Why am I worried?
Because it's maddening to care so much about something and get no feedback at all.

What scares me about the last part is the de ja vu. I really thought we were past the apathetic bullshit and we had moved into the phase of communicative adults.

Hey, ebb and flow and make an effort and shit always works out.

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Drew said...

I hope things get more okay soon. You know how are lives sometimes creepily parallel to each other? Idk what exactly is going (cuz you are good at being cryptic) but it happens that I have had an absolute hell of the last 48 hours or so with some very serious relationship drama. Like, everything was grand and wonderful but then, blam! Suddenly everything went very sideways. As of 3 hours ago the most important pieces got put back together, but there's still a lot to sort through. Life is a hell of a thing sometimes.