02 February 2016

Breaking ice, yeah to make any movement

Been getting some good old school jams stuck in my head. The trusty old mp3 player from my past workout days is full of them. Oh, black Eyed peas, you're singing about booty calls and it's so catchy.

My sister talked me into trying a self defense / karate class tomorrow night. I have a feeling it's going to be less self defense and more karate. I'm pretty sure I'm not into karate, even though I've never tried it, it just seems like something I wouldn't be into. Kind of dorky. But, how would I know? We will find out tomorrow...

My phone keeps reminding me that it's time to put in the NuvaRing. But they are in the fridge and the thought of shoving that cold mother fucker up my cooter is not very appealing right now. I should probably let it warm up to room temperature first...

I feel like I have been working nonstop. Over time fo sho. There have been a few problems lately with the new instrument, and oddly enough the stress level still does not match that of my old job when shit hit the fan. So that's good. Ish. I kind of love my job. The peeps make it all right.

Got a big fat zit right smack dab between my eyes. Yay. So adultful.

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