15 February 2016

Literally just do it

I did NOT want to exercise today. Like at all.

It was one of those draggy days where I felt like I never fully woke up, and I left work with a headache. All I wanted to do was maybe take a bath and eat some ice cream.

But instead, I took the regimen of headache drugs, begrudgingly laced up my shoes, and forced myself out the door.

No music, since my head hurt, and no pace expectations. Even if I walked at a slow pace once around the block, it was still better than ice cream on the couch.

So I did just that. Once around the block, trying to clear my head and focus on breathing, paying attention to nature. The wind, the neighbor kids playing in the yard.

I'm not saying I had a major epiphany, but it didn't suck. I walked back up to the porch after once around the block, to discover that it was exactly 1Km. Strangely motivated by the number, I walked another one.

So not earth-shattering,  but I'm glad I didn't skip it.

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