01 May 2016

not right

It's 1130am on a Sunday and I'm bored. The house is cleanish, the laundry is running, and the meals are planned.

No one wants to hang out so I guess I'll start drinking.

God damn, I've been so lost.
Trying to keep my head afloat with a smile on my face, but in reality I'm wandering around in a daze.

I dumped my therapist after the 2nd session because he:
1. Talked about himself WAY too much. This time I didn't try to steer him back on track, in case he had a point. If he had a point relevant to me and my problems, I didn't see it.
2. Referenced lesbians one time too many (once)
3. Told me my problems weren't actually that bad compared to his other clients' problems

I arrived seeking clarity and direction, and I left feeling ashamed and insulted and angry.

I don't get it. I'm PAYING a "professional" to talk about me and my problems. No matter how trivial they seem to anyone else, they are important to ME and I'm seeking help. And I get blown off? Really?

So, the search for the right therapist continues.

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Drew said...

I'm so sorry you had a bum therapist. Those reasons you listed are legit reasons to dump the guy. That is outrageous. I especially can't believe he would compare your concerns to other clients issues. I've never experienced that with anyone I've worked with.

Good luck in your search!