28 August 2016

On Stuff

Lately, I've noticed a shift in my decluttering/ shopping attitude.

If it doesn't spark joy or it's not functional, it either gets tossed into the donate box or I don't bring it home.

Sound familiar? No, I didn't read that entire KonMari book, and I sure as hell haven't started folding my underwear, but I have seen enough of it that I was able to take away those most important ideas.

The objects we keep in our homes should be special; not just a bunch of crap crammed into rooms. Instead of a mad dash to clean things out, it's been a slow, organic process. I handle things as I notice them.

So when I took inventory a few months ago and noted that there are several half-sets of stained and warped dollar-store measuring spoons and cups in the drawer, I kept my eyes open for a nice set.

I eventually found a lovely stainless steel set. The oblong spoons are important to me because they fit into spice containers better than the round ones. Right next to them I found stainless steel measuring cups.

That's it. One set each. After having multiples of each size, I was afraid I'd miss having the extra spoons around.

Guess what? I don't. All I need is one gorgeous set. They make me happy every time I use them and it's easier to close the drawer now. Gorgeous AND functional. I'd say that's $20 well-spent.

I think the biggest attitude shift is that I'm waiting until I find the right thing that sparks joy, instead of grabbing the first thing that I see that technically fulfills the purpose. It took me how long to find a new set of measuring spoons? 6 months? I could have ran to Target and grabbed the first set I saw. But the ones at Target are round and I wanted oblong ones. It sounds silly, but the first time I went to measure a spice, I would have been frustrated that the spoon didn't fit inside the jar.

Another big shift in practice is that I've started to upgrade. One nicer item will replace a variety of lesser quality items. If it's old and worn out, or it doesn't meet my needs, it gets replaced with a quality version. I'm not afraid to spend a few extra bucks anymore. It really makes a difference.

One quality coffee mug replaced 5 mugs that were cute but didn't keep coffee hot long enough.
One quality lunch bag replaced 6 (six!) bags that were too small and didn't insulate well enough.

I don't miss the old ones at all because they didn't do what I needed them to do. The initial investment is always paid off in the long run.

I've actually decreased my spending because I'm not bringing home a bunch of random impulse items. Most items are thought out. They either replace something that gets donated, or I buy it with a specific purpose in mind. Since I'm in no hurry, if I see something I like I can usually wait for a sale before buying it.

It's a stark contrast to my historic shopping habits. Maybe I'm getting older and wiser? Or maybe my house is just filling up and there's not room for random things!

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why are we the same person tho? Bc same.