03 August 2015

beauty routine, updated

I haven't talked about my beauty routine lately. It's fun to record it and see how it evolves.

When we last spoke about it, I had stopped using all products for fear they would irritate my skin after the rash episode. No creams, makeup, nothing. Now, after help from the dermatologist, the rash is gone but I'm still very cautious of what I put on my face. So far, things are calming down and honestly for the first time in my life my skin is really clear. I'll get a bump here and there but if I don't mess with it, they usually go away.

Cleanser: Cetaphil. Every week on Sunday I add a bit of baking soda to gently exfoliate. Like I said zits aren't really a problem, but blackheads on my nose continuously mock me.

Moisturizer: I used Simple Day/Night Cream for a while until I ran out, and I loved it. It's really light and feels good. However, I really like wearing an SPF during the day so the dermatologist recommended Cetaphil Oil Control with SPF. I used to wear this a while back and loved it, so I had no problem going back.  
(At night, I'm using the Simple Rich Moisturizer because it was on sale. I like it, but it's a bit heavy for the summertime. When I run out I'll go back to using the Day/Night Cream.)

Treatments: I'm still using the prescription Ovace cream from the original rash treatment on the spot if I get a zit. It's really thick and forms kind of a waxy coating over the skin after you rub it in and it works great.

Makeup: As far as makeup goes, I don't feel like I have to wear it as much anymore now that my skin is less zitty. My skin tone is still a bit uneven, but honestly with the summer heat everything would slide right off anyway. I might dust a bit of Chanel Double Perfection over my face because I will forever love that stuff, or spot-conceal a zit but that's about it. Standard drugstore mascara, nothing fancy.

Lip Color: Generally I don't wear lip color. I've tried over the years to get into it, but it's just not me. That being said, I pulled out a Tarte Lip Stain Pencil that I got in a birchbox long ago, and I have been wearing it almost daily. It makes me look refreshed and put together and I swear it's the perfect color for summer. I will probably buy more when it runs out.

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