22 October 2007

RIP Pedro

Insurance is funner when your mom gets pissed and bitches. Things get done.

Today I got into the doctor, who ordered Xrays on my head and neck because of that "contusion." Got a rental car, went to the junkyard and got all of my stuff out of Pedro. The insurance guy hasn't come to look at it yet, but I doubt it will be salvageable.

-the airbag is pink!-

The crazy thing was, I was driving up to school today for class when I came up to the spot where the accident happened, and my front bumper was still laying there on the shoulder.

Man, I've had a lot of good times in that car. It was my first car! Beach trips, moving in and out of the dorms, San Antonio, Austin, getting lost in downtown, packed full of singing girls, late night fast food runs... SO much more.

How ironic that I had only 8 payments left until it was paid off.

Poor Pedro, I'm going to miss zooming around in you and honking your horn. *beep beep!*

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