16 June 2013


I always feel lonely when I come home after a day of hanging out with people. Oddly enough, during the week I don't feel lonely coming home. It's mostly on the weekends.

I woke up this morning excited about next weekend. Busy making homecoming preparations.
In the same breath, I was flipping through channels last night and I randomly caught this show Lava Chasers about these people who study the volcanoes in Hawaii. Man, either he needs to come here or I need to go there.

Anyway, this place is getting cleaner. Too bad the cat keeps thwarting my efforts, through shedding and puking. Merh cat!

I'm still jonesing for another tat. Something pretty.

Finally made these. But I'd already eaten 2 regular pancakes with syrup before I made them, so I don't yet know how they turned out. Also, I made bacon in the oven for the first time. WAY easier than on the stovetop. If you line the pan with tin foil and leave little tin foil "walls" sticking up around the edge of the pan, the splatters won't get all over the place.

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Anonymous said...

Bacon pancakes. Omggg.