21 June 2013

the night before

I'm washing bedsheets. I originally just planned to change them, but it turns out my spare set of sheets has a nice cat-puke-shaped stain. I washed them when the offense occurred, but apparently the stain didn't come out. So this time I bleached them, but also had to wash the dirty sheets so there's something to put on the bed.

Excited to put the brand new comforter on the bed. It's a king-sized one that can stay with us if we decide to upgrade our bed. I tried to get one that's not too manly but not too girly. Plus, I like nice white bedsheets. And high thread counts. Thanks ma, for passing that on.
I'm making a special secret homecoming dessert for Chris. I'm not going to slave away making a special homecoming dinner, especially when we can find better things to do all evening, so I decided to go the crock pot route and a make-ahead dessert. The dessert is something that I saw on pinterest, and of course it did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to. So I ate all the rejects and continued on with a more traditional version. They're delicious.

Now, I need a shower and I should pick out my outfit.

Tomorrow morning I'll put up the banner and the decorations. I'm pretty excited!!

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