03 June 2013


I've been straight up craving chocolate frosting, perhaps on cupcakes, for about 3 weeks. I just haven't felt like making them, though. To make matters worse, I watched This is 40 yesterday (meh movie) and the guy eats cupcakes like whoa. There is a cupcake place near my work that makes a gluten free chocolate chocolate cupcake, but so far I've resisted. Mostly because I'm not exactly sure where it is or what it's called. (I googled it. It's Crave.) Someone else usually gets them for me when there's an event and I've never actually bought them myself. But they're AMAZING and wonderful and I seriously stuff my face with abandon when I get one. I need to just give in and get one, because I'm eating everything else trying to satisfy that craving. I also think it's funny that I'm craving Crave. Nice one, cupcake store.

Anyway, cupcakes aside, I've gotta be at work pretty early tomorrow so I should probably finish this wine and get off the computer.

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