19 June 2013

what comes around

The thing about a full chocolate bowl... is that it's full. Of assorted delicious chocolate. Mmm. Goes well with red wine.

The thing about walking around the medical center with an employee ID badge is that people ask you for directions. A lot. And, one of the responsibilities that comes with wearing that badge [in my opinion] is asking lost-looking people if they need help. There are glucose meters in many areas of the hospital, and I've become familiar with the basic layout. (The key is knowing which elevator is near which units.)
Most of the time I can help people out. Sometimes I'm just as lost as they are and we find the place together. I consider that part of my job as well as smiling at every.single.person. that I pass in the hallway. I kid you not, I walk around that place making eye contact with a permanent smile on my face. I feel like it's part of my job to help bring a little bit of sunshine into a patient's day, even if it's as small as a smile. After all, I have a reason to smile; I'm not the one with cancer. The employees that get caught in my smile ray are just collateral damage. No one is safe!

Anyway, today I was walking out to my car, eating a granola bar, when I heard someone yelling. So, I looked around and there's a guy hanging out of his car window across the street. I stopped and said, "What?" and he repeated himself: "Can you give us directions to E4?" I still didn't understand because there's no E4, so he repeated himself again. Liquor store. Niiiice.
Fortunately, I did in fact know where the nearest liquor store was. I shouted directions, and he offered me a ride. I laughed and declined. They were clearly in a celebratory mood. I hope someone's test results came back with good news, or a scan came back clear.

Moments like that make me happy and lift me up. I suppose my small efforts to make someone else happy came back around to me today.

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