09 June 2013


Starting the semi-annual BIG CLEAN that begins right before Chris comes home. I'm starting on the seldom-used guest room & bathroom, and moving all my sewing stuff out of his office.

Between the thunderstorm and vacuuming, poor Pumpkin has retreated to underneath the desk, and it's doubtful she'll emerge for several hours. It's ok, because I found puke right smack dab in the middle of the floor underneath the bed. How the heck am I supposed to get under there to clean it? I'll have to move the damn bed. Freaggin cat.

Mom and I had a lovely shopping day yesterday.
-I got 3 different kinds of light bulbs- it seems like they all burned out at the same time, and of course none of them are standard light bulbs. I also got a nightlight for the front porch, was well as a tap light so I can find the keyholes at night. What I should really do is get one of those automatic motion sensing lights.
-I found my favorite wine on sale for $3 a bottle, so of course I bought four.
-Calvin is apparently growing out of his socks (little sausage is growing up!) so we got him several pairs.
-The best part of the whole day was when we found 4th of July stuff on sale 30% off at Hobby Lobby, and got a bunch of cute homecoming things. We literally had to stop ourselves from going overboard.

Ok, back to cleaning.

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