24 November 2013

3 more sleeps

until my better half comes home. Forever.

After 3.5 years, these last days are so short, yet so long. Can they just fly by, please?

P.S. I did my grocery shopping on Saturday night, after this near-constant nausea took a pause. (I think it's these new birth control pills. I hate them and I'm so glad they're temporary.) Anyway, it was really, really pleasant. I usually do my grocery shopping Sunday morning, and I always have to be out of the house before noon in order to avoid the crowds. Saturday night it was positively delightful. No crowds, even on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Instead of rushing through the aisles and avoiding people and carts, I leisurely strolled through the clear aisles and rather enjoyed myself. Even the music was good. I may have to re-think my routine.

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