09 November 2013

Shuttle Stories

Week 1.

  • Monday- Read about that here.
  • Tuesday- Uneventful
  • Wednesday- The morning shuttle was late. After one of my fellow riders called and got word that the shuttle was broken down and a replacement would be there 30+ minutes late, I stepped out of line and drove to work. On the plus side, I know what time I have to leave the shuttle stop to drive to work on time.
  • Thursday- The shuttle home was 15 minutes late. Not as crucial, but still noted.
  • Friday- Uneventful
So, how do I feel about taking the shuttle to work?

After the first day I knew what to expect and the bouncy creaky loudness didn't bother me much.
I did switch to sitting on the side that doesn't have an overhead hang above that bangs and rattles the whole time.

Things I enjoy:
-Gas savings
-Not worrying about traffic or other drivers
-The shuttle stop is much closer to the main building, and much more crowded. When I drive I don't mind the walking, but I DO mind walking in the dark alone allll the way out to the parking lot. I feel much safer, especially after the time change.
-Especially on the ride home, since it's dark, I get rocked into a state of zen chillout time. Even if I don't plan  to, my eyelids get droopy and I end up closing them. I never actually fall asleep, but I'm not completely conscious either. Even looking out the window at all the lights in the darkness is somewhat of a re-set. I get to turn my brain off and enjoy the scenery. It's quite pretty at night. This is what I was hoping would happen. I've essentially lost 2 hours each day of the stress that came from my commute.

What I don't love:
-The late shuttle(s). This could be huge. I don't know if this is a normal thing, but I hope it turns out to be more reliable. I had the luxury of being able to hop in my car, but most of us depend on it to be on time for work. I'm sure most employers are just as strict as mine about being on time- late shuttle or not.

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