16 November 2013

Shuttle Stories

Week 2.
  • Monday- Holiday, no shuttle. Drove to work.
  • Tuesday- Uneventful
  • Wednesday- Uneventful
  • Thursday- Dr's appt. Drove to work.
  • Friday- Uneventful
-Occasionally someone would sit next to me. Sometimes that's no big deal. Sometimes they smell bad.
-Continuously doze off during the ride. Have not noticed an improvement in my evening productiveness. I think that has to do with how early it gets dark now.

One thing I didn't mention before: The cost.
After crunching some numbers (because that's what I like to do on Saturday mornings), I have determined that if I completely switch from 100% driving to 100% shuttle, I'll save approximately $10 each month. That alone is not worth much, but calculating in the other benefits, I think I'll like it much better-- IF it continues to be reliable.

That will require terminating my parking contract, and I'd hoped to keep that as a safety net in the event I have to drive. Not going to make any decisions yet; I'll see how the next couple of weeks go.

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