13 April 2014


Weekends are too short.

Not to mention weekdays. Since I come home late, after dinner there's not much time for anything else before it's time for bed again. We have been managing to squeeze in workouts, and inevitably on those days I'm in bed late.

Seriously though, after factoring in obligations like laundry and grocery shopping and sleeping in, it leaves a limited amount of time for relaxation, socializing, projects, and other things like washing the car or cleaning the toilets. Sometimes, it feels like the weekend just started and I haven't even sat down and it's time to get ready for Monday again.

I see people doing all kinds of stuff nearly every weekend, like camping and bike riding and festivals and I wonder how on earth they do it?? Do they just have empty refrigerators & no clean underwear?

Maybe they do all their toilet scrubbing and grocery shopping on weekdays after work, so that weekends are free to party. There's a thought.

Anyway, I have to figure out dinner and change the laundry and pick out my clothes for tomorrow. It's supposed to be warm & rainy. Egh. Hel-lo ponytail.

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Suzy :) said...

We did the wild rice festival this weekend and we do have an empty fridge & dirty dishes lol