06 April 2014


You know how I said last week we were going to start our workout routine?
Well, the stomach bug had other plans. We joked that I got sick just to avoid working out.

Still feeling pretty meh. The tummy is not back on track. Random bouts of I can't even think about food, and stomach pains. I've eaten maybe the equivalent of two full meals in 6 days, which is probably why I still feel so tired & worn out.

In other, better news, kitty figured out how to use the cat door! ...Halfway. The other day Chris left her outside to run an errand, and when he came home she was inside. Then he actually witnessed her do it the next day. So she can come inside on her own, but I think she has yet to figure out that it goes both ways. Hey, I'll take the baby steps! I really want her to figure it out before we move and throw her world out of whack again.

We found a hydrangea plant at the grocery store today for 6 bucks. So I now have a hydrangea plant. I LOVE it. I can't wait to plant it at our new house. The house process has taken a tiny baby step, but is essentially still in the same part of the process that it was almost 3 weeks ago. Trying. To. Remain. Patient.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I'm worn out and it's rainy outside and I think it's nap time.

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