12 April 2014

Painty paint

Last night Chris and I headed over to Ashley's to help paint Calvin's bathroom. Well, Ashley and I painted and Chris watched a movie with Collin.

We severely overestimated the need and bought a huge can of green paint back when we did the grass on his bedroom walls.

Since then, Ashley has been trying to use it up. So, she decided to paint his bathroom this bright kelly green. At first, it looked like it was going to be a bit much. But then, it started to look really cool!


I think it's going to look so fun and bright when it's complete.

We finally entered the final stages of the house-buying process yesterday. Painting over at Ashley's has made me so excited to start painting over there! The possibilities are so endless. I keep going to the listing online and looking at the pictures and imagining what it would look like once we move in. I really love that house.

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