05 April 2014

10 Home Decor Trends I Love

10 Home Decor Trends I Love

To balance the 10 Home Decor Trends I Really Don't Like post, here's some stuff I've obviously been digging:

1. Chandeliers. Everywhere. Almost-- Because there is no way that I'd sacrifice a ceiling fan for a chandelier, so I'd only use them on non-fan situations. In random places like the laundry room.

Love the tiny big of glam sparkle where there would just be a boring light. Just, YES. [Don't give me your woes about how hard they are to clean. When is the list time you cleaned any light fixture? Or your ceiling fan, for that matter? I rest my case.]

2. While we're on the subject, Badass laundry rooms. It may seem fickle, but darn they're cute.

I especially love the idea of the tabletop that goes over the washer & dryer.

 No more random socks & lint balls falling in-between and behind them.

3. Using tablecloths as curtains. Genius. I prefer curtains to blinds or those awful sliding glass door vertical blinds. Curtains are far more durable, easier to clean, and easy to change when you want a new look. I've seen some pretty nice shower curtains that could do the trick as well.

4. Open, airy, light kitchens.

With vertical plate storage. I've always hated stacking plates. Just seems... heavy. I don't know.

5. Pretty cold air return vents. Especially if it's in a prominent place in the home.
Mine is in the middle of the hallway and very visible... and very ugly.

6. Doorways made to look like bookshelves/ secret rooms.

This is an oldie. I've always wanted a secret passageway.

7. Camouflaging unsightly, but necessary items outside. We did something like this with our A/C,

and I love how they painted their utility boxes on Young House Love.

8. Colored doors. Kind of like an accent wall, but I like it maybe because it's functional?

9. Displaying things in unique ways that would otherwise sit in a closet.

Like vacation sand.

Or foreign coins.

10. Epic closets. This is less of a trend and more like on everyone's wish list.

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Smash said...

I love the accent door thing. I may steal that idea actually. big laundry rooms are a serious must, though I never understood why people had a sink in their laundry rooms.