27 April 2014


Thursday morning we woke up and went to the title company.

Then, we signed about a million papers.
When we walked out, we were homeowners. Ah!

Our wonderful realtor came bearing gifts of wine, and insisted on a group photo, haha.

Immediately, it was overwhelming. We had a house. And a mortgage. And a million things to do.

That night we went over there and on the way realized that the power might be turned off. Sure enough, it was pitch black. So, we drank our champagne and painted a few spots of test paint by flashlight.

Once I made phone calls to get water, gas, and electricity connected, the overwhelm-ness got better. There is still a lot to do in the house, but the biggest thing we really have to do before moving in is get it painted. Like, the entire house. Which we will not attempt to do ourselves. We hope to have that scheduled this week so we can start moving in next week.

Also, I think we may have a ghost. I was there last night by myself, and I heard a noise so I went into the master bathroom to check it out. I noticed the closet door was open, but when I was in there a few minutes earlier I could have SWORN the closet door was closed. Will keep you posted on the potential ghost-ness, or the potential someone-was-in-my-house-ness. Not sure which idea creeps me out more...

And yes, we are already in the process of changing the locks. And getting the alarm system activated.


Suzy :) said...

Don't worry! I'll come sage it and you won't have to worry about a ghost anymore :) Congrats on your house toots :)

DrewAnn said...

Squeeze! (about the house, not the ghost)