07 June 2014

Retail Buzz

My mom and I went on a quick shopping trip today. Hobby Lobby was our first stop, and had AMAZING clearance finds. We are both on a serious budget, so our picks were only things that were absolutely calling our name.

Ignoring the clutter on the table, here's what I scored:

1. Pink glass patterned tray, $5
2. Framed star with chevron background that makes me want a beach house, $2
3. Fabric that will soon be kitchen curtains (and possibly pillow covers), $6
4. Birds + hooks, cast iron, $6 each. Probably will find a home in the laundry room.
5. We stopped at a garage sale on the way home and I grabbed this sparkly jar for $1.

We both left the store with a serious retail buzz. I love finding great deals on cute stuff.

Back to fixing the shower door, unpacking, and all that jazz.

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