28 June 2014

these thoughts in my head

We need a ceiling fan in the office.

Since we've moved in, I haven't gone a single day without seeing a roach. Whether they're alive and flying at Chris's head, or dead as a doornail in the middle of the living room, bedroom, kitchen... etc. Every single day. It's at the point where I'm not shocked and terrified at the sight of them anymore. It's just like, Damn. There's another one. Although last night I had a nightmare that they were flying at me and I was swatting them away with a magazine. The silver lining? I don't have to muster up the courage to dispose of them anymore. I finally have my built-in bug disposer handy- Yay hubs!

Paying bills got exponentially more anxietyful this past month. See, I have a spreadsheet that details when every bill is due each month. At the beginning of the year I print it out, and fill in each bill when it's paid. So I never miss a bill.

This system has worked for me since... 2007. Seriously, I've never paid a bill late. Ever.
But this past month, things were a mess. When we moved we switched some vendors, and some of our due dates with vendors that we kept have changed. In addition, we paid extra bills at random times to close accounts at the old place. ALSO, I used to have paperless billing for everything but we started getting both paper and online statements. So it was kind of all over the place. I was so nervous I'd forget to pay a bill. I almost paid our water bill twice.

Once all of the dust settled, our new due dates are: the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 24th. Where it used to be spread out through the month, now they're all clustered to be due at the beginning of the month. Which has required some creative bill paying. Now that it's stable, though, I can turn the anxiety dial down a notch and be confident I won't miss a bill.

The cat. The damn cat is getting on our nerves. She won't go outside, and has started waking us up at 4am meowing at the top of her lungs. She's bored, no doubt. I knew there would be a transition period, just like the last time we moved, but I'm getting tired of it. Go play, cat. And start pooping outside.

I feel like there should always be cookies in the cookie jar lately. I might go on a cookie baking binge. I haven't baked in so long.

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