14 June 2014

here's what I'm doing.

First I'll greet you with updated pictures.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that a few weeks ago pretty much everything looked like this, and didn't change until recently? This is really the only area that's cleaned up, but it makes a difference.

We actually got a lot done last night. The piles of trash & tools & who knows what else finally got moved. No more taking detours around it. While you still can't see the kitchen table, you can now see floor. It's pretty.

[Now my newest attention hijack has swung towards bookshelves. I want to make ours look nice, instead of a jumble of knick knacks.]

My coffee is pastry-less this morning. Partly due to the fact that my 1980 oven likes to lock itself (while on), is too small for a standard cookie sheet, and heats unevenly. I'm going to be making good friends (and small batches) with the toaster oven for a while.

Here's to another busy weekend. We have visitors next weekend and you know, we need a place for them to sleep. It's surprisingly motivating.

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DrewAnn said...

All these new house pictures look great. What an adorable house. I'm so excited for you. :)