08 June 2014

tea, coffee, cookies, pastries

I feel like there is never a bad time for tea & cookies. Or coffee & cookies. Or tea & a muffin. Or any combination of tea, coffee, and various pastries.

This morning's coffee & cookie-- atop an alarm permit application. Excuse my crumbs...

A hot beverage and a baked good is truly one of my favorite things. Nisha said that in Australia they have tea time every day and I felt so left out because certain parts of the world get tea & scones every afternoon, and we don't do that here! Not cool! I mean, I get it with our history as a country and all, and in my situation it's difficult to have tea in a lab (details), but man. That sure would be nice. So would siestas.

In other news, this responsible adult thing sure is fun. During my quick shopping trip with mom yesterday, we conversed about how little free time there is when you're trying to unpack/move/fix up a house. I used to see her at least once a week. I think yesterday was the first time in a month.

It's like every free second lately is consumed with obligations and shit that just needs to be done. Not that we aren't enjoying it. This is our home, and we knew it needed some love, and it's looking a little bit different and a little bit better each day.

Today's project involves removing some of the jungle in the backyard. I feel like even though we've had pest control, it's a major home to the hordes of mosquitoes and flying roaches (OMG) we've experienced lately. How are we going to have parties on Chris's Big Deck if there are bugs everywhere??

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