20 May 2015


The other day, Chris asked me if I liked to cook.

This struck me as a significant question, so I asked why, and he said something like, because I do it every day.

Well, I do the dishes/ drive to work/ clean the litter box every day, but I don't exactly like to do those things, they're just a necessary part of life. We need to eat. And I don't mean chips and popcorn and ice cream and wine. Although clearly those things are all part of a balanced diet.

The thing is, I really do enjoy cooking. I don't exactly enjoy the cleaning up part, but as my mom taught us, that's a necessary part of cooking and you can't have one without the other. Including wiping off the counter tops, stove, and cleaning out the sink. When you're done cooking there shouldn't be a mess. While that little life lesson is a pain in the ass because I can't relax until the "cooking is complete" and the kitchen is cleaned up, I'm so thankful that she engrained that little habit into our minds. Because crusty nasty dishes the next day are no fun and used to be a huge part of why I didn't cook. Thank goodness for dishwashers. *side note* I took a lot of pictures of my dirty dishes back in the day LOL. And I bitched about them a lot. It's a big deal.

My type A side (oh who am I kidding, it's the whole thing) really gets off on the organization of cooking. The dance of having all of the ingredients ready and multitasking so that the different parts of the meal are ready at the same time. Chopping vegetables while the water boils, etc. I love the efficiency and orchestrated flow of things. Today I made these enchiladas (because the avocados were suddenly ripe) and some mexican rice that Chris's friend's wife taught me how to make while she was visiting. Unhindered, the kitchen was all mine. I shredded and heated and stirred and I was having a blast the whole time. Not to mention the meal was absolutely divine. This is a solid recipe, man. I only had a bit of enchilada sauce left over in the freezer from last time, so I thinned it out with the juice from the can of beans and chiles. Perfect.

I'm slowly getting better and better at making recipes because I know what flavors go together, and how long things take to cook, etc. So yes, I enjoy cooking. Some days more than others, but overall yes. It seems all of my sisters have inherited mom's bit of talent for making scrap meals and avoiding throwing food away. So there's that.

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