18 May 2015

oh snapish

I purposefully didn't download the facebook app to my new phone. Freeeeeedom, man. I will let you know when I cave.

I'm home along drinking by myself with the pop hits music channel on tv. Fuck yeah, it feels like a free-time Saturday! On a Monday! So you know what you get?? A drunk blog full of rambles and curse words and italics and a few typos! Yeah!

I danced to Uptown Funk with the cat and the dog for a bit. It was great. Pumpkin is disgruntled and used to it. Andy wasn't quite sure what to think but she got all excited.

Spent a good part of my commute home trying to think of WHAT my skin could be reacting to. It's spread to around my mouth, which doesn't make me look like a nasty diseased whore or anything. Good thing I'm training tons of people face-to-face every day during this rash-fest. And good thing I have plenty of time to take off work to go back to the doctor! You know I'm fucking busy when I don't take time off to handle a facial rash that seems to be spreading.

Seriously, I would not have missed it for the apocalypse but taking two days off work to go see Goob meant I had to stay late at work to get even remotely caught up on some time-sensitive shit. Kuz you know this bitch doesn't do overtime unless pressed.
...Can I take another two days off to hang out with my sister? Kuz that was way more fun than work. But you know, I like living indoors and providing a better life for my cat. Plus now Suzy has, like, a job now too, man.

I've been putting off this home appraisal thing where they seriously majorly over-appraised our house, but you know, wine. Plus they made a mistake and they're sending out new ones. But I'm not sure if we were included in that. I don't understand adulty appraisal-type things and taxes! Merp.

I get emojis on my new phone and they are pretty fun. Soon I'll be like mom and send only-emoji texts. Decipher that, bitches!

You betcha I put the Pinterest and Instagram apps on my phone, though. Also Twitter, because it's mostly annoying but it's my window to goob's life. If only I could get snapchat and then I'd really be connected.

All of those major work changes my bosses have been hinting at lately are starting to happen. They're actually interviewing and hiring for some new/related positions. I'm still guarded and waiting to see what really happens.

Working out has completely and totally FAILED since Dad came to visit. But my pants kind fit now so... back to lacking motivation.

My top hits channel has taken a ballad-y tone and now I'm not pumped anymore. Shower time!

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