16 May 2015

other things of note

Dad visited for about a week and a half. It was good to see him. I couldn't take any time off of work because of everything going on, but I did get a morning off.

He convinced me to get a new phone. A Galaxy S5. It's like a real smart phone. Trying to customize/ figure everything out. While I love knowing my old phone in and out, I gotta move on to bigger and better phones/things.

I haven't spent any real time with Chris since the beginning of the month. He had finals, I spent my evenings with Dad, then he left to go work out of town. When he comes back he'll start working nights temporarily and I realistically probably won't really see him until June. Not ideal and I miss him, but what can you really do?

On today's list:
clean the dog hair and sand out of my car
Home Depot- curtain rod, keys copied, paint sample (the last room!)
Hobby Lobby- for fun
Aldi- groceries
Laundry, wine, repeat.

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Drew said...

Yay S5! That's what I have as well. I like it, and am determined to make it last a minimum of 3 years (I greatly dislike trading in every 2 years).

Might I suggest this tip of using a black background to extend battery life. My phone makes it easily through the day, with heavy usage. Not sure how much this particular tactic contributes, but in any case:

I also went through and deleted/disabled all the bloatware apps to free up space. Lack of space is my biggest complaint on this phone. Between the OS and a handful of apps, you run out of room super fast. I recently bought an SD card to add to the phone and am so happy I did.

Are you an Amazon Prime user? I like their Amazon Music app. Not a huge library of free stuff, but enough to keep me happy. Especially since it seamlessly integrates free stuff with purchased stuff. Somewhat recently they finally got a video app, and I've read that you can actually download the free streaming videos for like a day or so. I plan to test this out the next time I take a flight. But this all is only good new news if you have Prime.

Finally, I don't know what you are reading your library e-books on, but if you don't already have the phone apps you should get them. Long line at the grocery store? No problem - there's a book already in your hand!!