01 May 2015


Friday night. Thank GOD. This week was a bitch and it's not about to get any better any time soon. Trying to schedule training for 250+ nurses is like trying to herd cats. The sheer amount of emails is astounding.
Plus a new LIS system that needs to be built and tested and the pace is excruciatingly slow, but I've learned that the snail's pace is expected at this institution. Is it all large institutions? Or just mine?
Plus coworker is having a baby and there's NO TIME to get anything done because short-staffed. But job security.

Mentally considering a second job on the weekends for obvious cash-flow reasons. But re-considering for sanity reasons.

Back on the cleaning OCD train. I think the emergence of massive dog hair has triggered it-- MASSIVE dog hair. Oh. My. God. Roomba is stuffed full at the end of every day's cleaning and the floor is filled up with dog hair every morning again. The morning sun shines right through the window and highlights the dog hair on the floor. Thanking GOD for Roomba every single day.
Plus husband has completely and totally stopped even attempting to clean up after himself. Is it too much to ask? Pick up your dishes. Put them in the sink. Every time. Seriously. Not a joke.

Face rash is weirdly spreading/worse/better, depending on the area.

Some days my thinking is more rational than others. Simply put, it's due to a lack of trust, but what is in the past is in the past... or is it? My mind changes at any given moment. Even if my worst fears come true, it's not like the decision is mine to make AT ALL so I kinda have to let it go and stop stressing about it. Right.

I have kept true to my declarations for exercise this week. Even after I missed one day because of after-work plans, I exercised the next day, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I've been sore every day, too, which makes me feel like I'm sapped of energy but I really want to be strong.

Dinner was leftover edamame and rice and red wine. Oddly incredibly satisfying.

In the back of my mind I wonder if my coffee and red wine consumption is staining my teeth. But they're all janky anyway so I suppose the whiteness doesn't really matter.

P.S. The first book hit the spot, but the second and third Ember books suck. Really bad. I'm over it.

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