11 July 2015


I just finished installing/replacing 8 doorknobs. I feel like such a badass PLUS that tarnished brassy gold hardware is all gone. Well, not counting some of the light fixtures.

Apparently spray-painting all the old doorknobs was too ghetto for Chris, because when I started the project he was very quick to suggest we buy all new ones. Another last-minute trip to home depot because that's how we roll. Probably a good call because when we got home some of the knobs were so old they literally broke when I tried to remove them. Plus we got a towel rod for the guest bathroom because I hijacked the original one for the Laundry Room project.

Except we didn't get one doorknob because it wasn't in stock. I really want this one for the front entry closet door, because in my head, when we open the front door the first thing people will see is our classy closet doorknob. I tried to scrap the idea in the store and buy a normal doorknob to finish the project, but Chris insisted we get the fancy one. So we've got to order that one. I'm probably way too excited about that.

The only bummer is that these new doorknobs are slightly smaller than the old ones, so the paint needs to be touched up on all the doors. Except they're not exactly stark white so matching the color is going to be fun and we'll probably end up having to paint all the doors. Which involves removing all the doorknobs again. Because that's how projects in this house go.

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Suzy :) said...

I dig the fancy doorknob.