07 July 2015


Spontaneous trips to the dollar store are a million times more fun after a few glasses of wine. GLITTER NOTEBOOKS?? MOTH BALLS?? HOT PINK PLASTIC DRAWER ORGANIZERS?? AJAX?? NAIL BRUSHES?? YEAH!! Bomb-ass to hubs for putting up with it all.

Jalapeno cheetos (or the generic Aldi brand) are really hitting the spot right now. Goes great with Aldi moscato. Saving money on groceries FTW.

I discovered how ridiculously easy and gourmet it is to make whipped cream in the dreamy kitchen aid, and I've made it twice this week. Berries and cream for dinner, yo. (and wine and jalapeno cheese curls) I'm never buying that nasty delicious chemical concoction of canned whipped cream again.

Did I mention that I don't have to wake up early for work tomorrow? The one perk of night shift. (and practically no traffic, another perk.) The oil change will have to wait because I'm sleeping in tomorrow for sho. Eye dr. appt tomorrow though. It's time to trade in these little kid glasses that I've had for like 8 years. But... I kind of like them. I need someone to come with me to pick out new glasses because it gives me anxiety. Which is why I've worn these little kid glasses for 8 years now. (Ash? Anyone?)

P.S. I think I'm going back to buy my sisters and my mom and Andrea and everyone I know glitter notebooks.

P.P.S. I don't know why I've taken to drinking and blogging so much lately. Makes for so many typos and crappy sentence structure. Plus I tend to try to get a little ghetto. Word.

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