13 July 2015

The little things that are actually big

I could not wake up today.
I haven't been sleeping particularly well, and for some reason today it seemed to catch up with me.
I snoozed on the couch this morning after waking up, which I never do.
I napped in the parking garage when I got to work.
I chugged coffee and tried to concentrate at work but struggled to keep my eyes open.

Of course I didn't suffer in silence; I must have told toot about 10 times how tired I was today. And when I got home he not only helped me make dinner but offered to rub my feet. With his sore hand (he started physical therapy on his wrist today).

Needless to say I forced myself to stay up until the sun went down and niw I'm half-awake in bed typing this on my phone. This phone-blogging thing rules. Especially with the only slightly glitchy voice to text feature.

Also hubs is awesome on days like this.

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