19 July 2015

shopping highlights

When it's your sister's birthday, sometimes you spend the day hitting up garage sales and thrift stores and stuffing tamales in your face while walking between stores in 100-degree heat, and having a ridiculous blast.

I scored some fantastic deals. Do you wanna see? Of course you do.

Plate rack- $1

Moustachioed sun- $2

 Metal (ice) bucket- $2

Neat old oiler can for the hubs, peace offering for staying out allll day spending money :o)- $8

And, my most exciting find, this chair, $20
Coincidentally, my mom and sister found fantastic pieces at that same store, and we all walked out giddy on serious shopping highs, with our purchases slung over our shoulders.

Hey, Roomba

About the chair. I've been wanting a cute little chair to put in that corner for two reasons:

1. Our living room is an awkward mismatch of one sectional + a bunch of little tables. SO MANY TABLES. ONE AWKWARD COUCH. Sure, the karaoke stage offers seating when we have guests, but that's ghetto. Since the price was right the girly little chair came home!

2. My nightly dilemma. The lamp light doesn't quite reach the couch when Chris is watching TV at night and I'm trying to read, so I've been needing a reading spot. A side table is necessary to hold the lamp (and a glass of wine, duh). The smallest table (okay, cabinet that used to be my pantry that now holds dvds that we can't watch because we don't have a dvd player) is a tad too wide, but it will do for now.

That tiny change required a bit of rearranging. I dragged a bunch of tables around while Chris was napping and here's how things ended up:


The giant useful coffee table that always got in the way and spontaneously gathered clutter was moved to the karaoke stage. In its spot went grandma's round side table and now the couch is so much more accessible.

The other side table that was hidden behind the couch got moved to the other side of the fireplace. It still sticks out but at least now it's got a function until we find a better place for it.


Still kind of awkward because the couch blocks the windows and severely restricts the creativity, but the flow is a bit better.

Where did the giant useful coffee table go?


He moved moved to the karoke stage to hold the tv since the temporary shelf we were using was starting to bow and we haven't made much effort to find a table that fits the space. Plus it hides the obnoxious cords better.


Funny how an afternoon of shopping ends up with the room being rearranged. Chris is such a good sport and pretty much rolls with all of my random redecorating. I wonder if he even notices the small things I move around simply to see if they look better in a different spot? I should start to keep a record.

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