28 July 2015

Roll with it

When your husband accidentally glutens the burgers, you make lunch meat wraps with the bomb ass Costco cheese you just bought and get over it.

My new goal, inspired 100% by new tennis shoes, is to work out once a week. I set my alarm for 3 days a week but most of the time it gets turned off. But once a week= So far, so good. On week 2.

Which is when my hair goes into a high bun for work bc it's wet and I'm not about to try blow drying it after my shower bc summer. Oddly enough, everyone at work loves it. Evidence:

Do I really look like that? I suppose I probably do. I look tired.

My pants fit better but I dunno maybe they just fit better  because I basically spent the months of May and June walking around at work. SO. MUCH. TRAINING.

Anyway I forgot what else I was going to say.

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