13 October 2013

don't you ever say

It's been difficult to feel enthusiastic about anything lately. Enthusiasm is an inherently difficult thing to force.
I'm still determined to flip this state of mind.
At any rate, it's never been a word that others would use to describe me. At least I don't think.

I'm very, very weary of bitching about my wonderful life.

Yes, it's missing something, but it's still mostly wonderful.
I'm disconnected. I'm living it, but I'm just dryly going through the motions and I don't really care much.

I find it difficult to feel enthusiasm for the wonderfulness that surrounds me and it disgusts me.

On the bright side, I've gotten to see much more of my sister and nephew lately.
This weekend we all took a trip to see Suze.
I found that I'm much more aware of the fact that I'm driving when there's a tiny human on board. No autopilot allowed. I wish the visit could have lasted longer. Even though it was exhausting it was happy. But, ultimately everyone's gotta get back to their lives.

As for me, I'm going to Skype with my husband, then sit on the couch with some wine and watch Desperate housewives and pet the attention deprived Pumpykins.

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