17 October 2013

exercise & stuff

Today I got rock star parking. Which was awesome.

Too bad at the end of the day I had forgotten, and walked allll the way to the back of the lot before I remembered. Balls.

I jogged yesterday. I did yoga earlier in the week.

Yoga was clumsy and sweaty. After only 20 minutes, the workout was over and I was sore the next day.

Yesterday I really wanted a nice sweat and I really wanted to get my heart beating fast, so I jogged around the block. I was doing really well- I jogged for about a block and a half before I had to stop. Although it felt like forever, it was a total of 15 minutes, half walking.

Today, I'm SO SORE. There's a reason I usually do baby steps when I start working out again.
After hobbling around all day, and staying late to train some night shift nurses, I'm pretty ready for a hot bath.

That's all I have for now.

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