27 October 2013

quick dip

Yesterday I felt ambitious. It was gorgeous and sunny. When I got back home after a visit from mom's, I fully intended to clean my car. After all, I've never shampooed the seats and they were starting to look dingy, especially after our trip a few weeks ago that involved leaky nipples on a bottle and baby formula splats. Not to mention the years of coffee & the occasional snack.

So, when I arrived home, I left the windows down. However, when I got inside, I started watching Desperate Housewives and drinking wine. At about 2 am, I went to bed. Sometime between 2am and 930am, I woke up to hear a big storm blowing in. The windows briefly crossed my mind, but in the same instant I dismissed it, convinced I rolled them up.

930 am. I'm woken up out of a dead sleep by someone knocking on the door. I intended to ignore it and go back to sleep. By the second round of knocking and doorbell ringing, I was fully awake and knew exactly why someone was knocking on the door. The freaking windows.

Sure enough, I donned a robe and when I opened the door, it was my neighbor giving me the peachy news. That sure was nice of him, although we both admitted the damage was probably already done.

Once I brewed some coffee and put on some pants, I pulled the car into the garage (Good thinking leaving space, toot!) and assessed the damage. At first glance it wasn't so bad, but upon further inspection some spots are really, really wet. Like soaked through.

I got a lot of water out with my Bissell Little Green (seriously it sucked up a lot of water), and toweled down what I could, and now I have 5 fans pointed at different spots in my car.

Some of the wettest spots are in tight spots that are hard to dry, like the undersides of the front seats, and I'm praying that I don't end up with a mildew-smelling car. It doesn't help that it's cool & humid. Not exactly the best conditions for drying something out. Like the nooks & crannies of your car.

On the plus side, I don't think there is any electrical damage. The panel that contains the window and door lock buttons was soaked, but the windows all rolled up.

So anyway. That happened. I wish I could say this is the first time, but it certainly isn't. It probably won't be the last, either. It definitely is the worst though. I just have bad luck with rolled down car windows and rain!

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