26 October 2013

DIY Mermaid Costume

It started when I received a text message from Akhtar telling me he got tickets to this costume party. So, naturally I needed a Halloween costume, which started the great debate about how we should all dress.

We debated a few popular culture ideas, but ultimately no one could commit.
I took a few laps around a couple of costume stores, but nothing jumped out at me, especially not for $50.

Then honestly, I'm not exactly sure how I decided on a mermaid, but I decided it should be done- 2 days before the party. The best part? It only cost $15.

So, how did I do it?

A quick trip to Walmart's clearance clothing yielded a bathing suit top and a skirt. Each was $5.
Then to Hobby Lobby for sequins and shells.

Hand-sewing sequins is not something I would recommend when you have 2
days evenings to make a costume.

Drill holes in the shells and sew those on as well.

For the top, drill one hole each in the top & bottom of a shell and sew them to the top.

I hot-glued starfish to hair clips to complete the look.

I topped it off with tons of glitter and shimmery teal & blue eye makeup.

If I had more time to plan and execute the costume, I would have sewn scales on the skirt, much like this:
But, for what it was, it was a hit!

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