05 October 2013

the one with the prettiest of views

Last week was not one of those weeks I'd classify as "good."

I swear, they fit an extra day in there somewhere when I wasn't looking.

The current state of my living room is a massive hodpodge of colors. There are just too many. I think it's because the rug is so busy. I love the rug but I don't think I love the colors all over the room.

I figured the easiest way to get a good flow is to streamline the pillow colors & pick only 1 or 2 accents. It's way easy to make new pillow covers when I feel like a change.
--especially with this tutorial. It's beautifully easy. I can pop one out in 10 minutes, tops.

I started with the cat's cushion. For the fabric, I chose the least offensive fabric shower curtain at Walmart. Why a shower curtain? It's water (read: puke) resistant, yet washable and still fabric-y.
I got the idea from, of course, this pin.

Haven't decided if I'm going to get a move on, or go take a mid-morning nap.

*makes me want biscuits. with bacon. and eggs.

*except I just ate pancakes.

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