30 October 2013


My sister called me tonight asking about my Tornado Plan.
See, we're experiencing a bit of inclement weather that may turn severe. Severe weather, in Texas. Generally produces a yawn as we gather supplies and make a mental plan, you know, just in case.

So, she called me in her own state of prepared-ness, probably expecting me not to have one. Surprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), I did indeed have one. At some random point in the past, I had already mentally picked out the inner-most room in my house- the linen closet. The master closet is a close second, followed by the front closet.

Yes, in the event of a tornado, you'll find me holed up in one of my closets. With the flashlight that I've got tucked in my nightstand.

In addition, the city is under a flash flood watch. There is a phone number we can call at work to see if the area is flooding before we head to work. I think that's pretty nifty. In the event of high winds, I have no doubt that the power here will go out. This area is one of the flickery-est when it comes to power outages.

I've got an extra jug of water, plenty of wine, and some canned goods. The only thing I don't have is a method to cook any food. Just another reason why I wish I had a gas stove. That shit works in a power outage, and it really came in handy during Ike's aftermath.

Anyway, since life is as normal as usual, I'm going to drink wine and watch Desperate Housewives.

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